CUSTOMER SERVICE-Taizhou Huangyan Yangye Mould Factory

Pre-sale services
1communication and customer needs early in the course of the various issues raised, we will within 24 hours to make a comprehensive, detailed, accurate and truthful responses
2we take the initiative, enthusiasm, patience, good service, hospitality industry, each and every Yang mold inspection, cooperation customers

Sale Service
1we will be according to the customer's intention to design products that meet customer needs and manufacturing process drawings
2in the production process, we will be active at any time to the customer to reflect the progress of mold making
3for the customer installation, commissioning products; proofing can be a good mold for the customer to immediately put into production

1according to customer requirements, on the use of such areas as technical guidance
2to ensure maintenance of the supply of spare parts
3responsible for the installation, maintenance and other services
4while collecting a variety of ways to use customer comments on product quality and timely improvements in accordance
5processing customer letters and visits to answer customer inquiries

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